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River Valley Organics now offers Playground Safety Audits and Inspections preformed by our in house Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI). This Service is available for public playgrounds only.

What is a Playground Safety Audit?
The playground safety audit is a comprehensive service that will assist public agencies in identifying a wide range of known playground safety concerns based on the 1997 Consumer Products and Safety Commissions Handbook for Public Playground Safety and the ASTM F1487-01 voluntary industry performance standard for public playground equipment. Audits will also help agencies determine where the most serious and potentially life threatening concerns exist on specific types of playground equipment, as well as the park and playground environment as a whole.

Why should we audit our Playgrounds?
While the safety of children is always the top priority, given today’s societal attitude towards public responsibilities, it is reasonable to expect that there will always be the threat of a legal challenge to determine a public agency’s responsibility to comply with playground industry safety guidelines or standards and to provide due care. For these reasons, it is important that each agency contracts with a CPSI to perform an audit and develop a plan to comply with all current playground safety guidelines and standards.

River Valley Organics playground safety audit process helps to prevent serious playground injuries by identifying and directing agencies to the most serious playground safety concerns. Once identified, the removal or minimizing of these concerns will assist agencies in defending against litigation in the event of an accident.

The benefits of our playground safety audits and inspections are many. All agencies with playground equipment should conduct a playground safety audits to evaluate the safety of existing playground equipment and the immediate playground environment.

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