Mulch & Mulching Services

mulch1River Valley Organics’ unique blown mulch installation services takes all the pain out of spreading mulch. Our seasoned staff makes light work of spreading hundreds of cubic yards of mulch in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it by hand. Since time is money, this can be a big savings to your organization.

We are also able to bulk deliver mulch to your site for your use. We have a a variety of mulches available including Premium Bark, Hardwood, Hardwood blends, and brown and black dyed mulch.

Depth Divide by square footage
1″ 324
2″ 162
3″ 108
4″ 81
5″ 65
6″ 54

If you do not know how much you may need, call or take a few measurements and plug it into our simple equation.

To find out how much material you may need, measure the total square footage of the area and divide by the number below to determine cubic yards of material needed.


MULCHING SERVICES — Blown Mulch Installation